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  • Olympia Cabaret
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Les productions Grégory

Vintage 69

After having made the spectators travel through the decades thanks to the show “Vintage”, Gregory Charles goes back in time to linger on the year 1969, with his show “Vintage 69”. The year 1969 will remain memorable because it was a year of firsts. After a frantic race to space, man finally set foot on the moon. The Bœing 747 and the Concorde flew for the first time. But it is music that defines this last year of the decade of love. The Beatles give their last concert on the roof of the Apple building in London and the Woodstock, Isle of Wight, Atlanta, Altamont and Toronto festivals attract hundreds of thousands of spectators who witness unforgettable performances. With “Vintage 69”, Gregory Charles and his incomparable musicians, accompanied by singers Kim Richardson and Lulu Hugues, transported us in 1969, covering the great hits of The Beatles, Charlebois, Ferland, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Dassin, Johnny Hallyday, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin and many others.

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