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  • Olympia Theatre
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  • Show : 9pm


Entre Grandes Tour

w/ Los Adolescentes

Event 18+

Known as one of the leading lights of Columbian modern music, singer and instrumentalist Silvestre Dangond has become a star with his updated take on vallenato, a traditional musical style from the Caribbean regions of Colombia.

His father was William José Dangond Baquero, who performed as a vocalistin his spare time, using the stage name El Palomo. Growing up in a musical household, Silvestre became interested in performing at a young age, maturing into an accomplished singer and timbale player.

Silvestre Dangond began his career initially grouped with amateur accordion player Ramon Lopez. Then, the duo recorded their debut album in 2002 called Tanto para Ti. With Colombian music interpreter Juancho De la Espriella, he has released several albums including Lo Mejor Para Los Dos, Mas Unidos Que Nunca, Ponte a la Moda, La Fama, El Original, No Me Compares Con Nadie, and so on.

In addition, Silvestre has also released two albums with Rolando Ochoa: “La 9a Batalla” and “Esto es Vida.” He signs two other albums : “Sigo Invicto” with Alvaro Lopez and “Gente Valiente” with Jorge Lucas Dangond.