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One Love Festival Toronto & Rickey D. Events

International Jamaican Superstar
with Live Band

Since the first notes of the now famous “Burning Up” single, produced under the leadership of Xterminator, Sizzla Kalonji has become a champion of the reggae energy, recognized and adored in Jamaica and elsewhere. As an emblematic character of a militant and austere Rastafarianism, he is not content to play classical reggae, but has also brought his personal touch and a voice timbre capable of navigating between high and low notes with a disconcerting ease. Letting his vocal melodies explode into as many a Capella embedded in his tracks, Sizzla is able to easily move from a few languorous tunes to one of the most aggressive ragga while keeping his own vocal sinuosity and changing notes with each syllable, just like on the track “Mockeries and phrases” which is emblematic of his style.

With the albums “Praise ye Jah” and “Black woman and child” he affirms his Rasta’s convictions into two masterpieces of modern reggae. Widely involved both spiritually and politically, Sizzla carefully pinpoints Babylon’s “high power”, the condition of blacks at the internationally level, and speaks out for the rebellious spirit of an oppressed Jamaican youth, while holding an enigmatic and not always well perceived discourse to the attention of white people. But it was in 1999 that he exploded in the eyes of the world by releasing more than fifty tracks on disc, divided into eight albums, including “2 strong” in the form of compilation. Recorded alongside Anthony B. and “Bobo Ashantis” on which he gave free rein to development of Rasta ethics in the service of returning to Africa. But if his vocal virtuosity had made him an essential of the genre and an icon of the 90s reggae culture through the scope and influence of his speech.