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  • Olympia Theatre
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  • Show : 8 PM

www.pangburnphilosophy.com presents

An Evening With

**Conference presented in English**

Steven Pinker is an experimental psychologist who conducts research in visual cognition, psycholinguistics, and social relations.

Dr. Michael Shermer is the Publisher of Skeptic magazine, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, and a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University where he teaches Skepticism 101. He is the author of Why People Believe Weird Things, Why Darwin Matters, The Science of Good and Evil, and The Moral Arc. His new book is Heavens on Earth: The Scientific Search for the Afterlife, Immortality & Utopia.

Join these decorated authors as they talk science & reason!
Part of the event will be an audience Q&A.
There will also be a book signing following the event.