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  • Olympia Concert
  • Doors open : 5pm
  • Show : 7pm

Afrobeats Montreal


Co-author of the successful “One Dance” song that made the entire planet dance in summer 2016!

1st artist to have won 2 times the BET Awards!
1st African artist to have a sold out show at the Royal Albert Hall in London with a capacity of 5500 seats!
You surely would have guessed, it is the Nigerian Superstar Wizkid!

Wizkid will perform for the first time at the Olympia in Montreal on March 31, 2019

Lovers of Afrobeat music, fans of WIZKID, this will be the only opportunity to come and see your artist!
This has never been seen before in Montreal! Come and discover the artist’s talent, entertain yourself and spend time with your friends under the beautiful melodies of our superstar.
Tickets will be on sale soon! The demand is very high.. Don’t think twice! We expect Afrobeats music lovers from everywhere! From every nook and cranny in Canada! Everyone wants to feel THE FEVER (last song from the artist that accumulated more than 14 million of views in 3 months)

The Wizkid Fever!