Su’l gros vin !


Friday, June 10

show: 8:00 pm | doors open: 7:00 pm


Presented by : Production 6e sens
theatre, assigned seats


**Stand-up comedy show in French**

Les Grandes Crues, c’est un assemblage de deux cépages québécois bien distincts; un aux accents boisés de la Gaspésie et l’autre aux notes de bleuets du Lac St-Jean.
They are sometimes full-bodied, but always well dosed, and certainly not corked!

Ideal to accompany your evenings of solitude, your evenings with friends and your couple's weekend. Les Grandes Crues is a cuvée with singular colors sporting a dress… (just at Christmas, to please Grandma.) This local reserve has a high percentage of alcohol, but can be consumed easily and WITHOUT moderation.
They go well with… or rather, would marry well with Eric Bruneau, Marc-André Grondin and / or Roy Dupuis. This uncontrollable designation of origin loosens tongues, dilates fingerlings and does not stain teeth. Available until exhaustion for girls, but not at the SAQ ...

"A 5 to 7 is not a time slot frozen in a day, it is a state of mind"
- The Grandes Crues


Regular CA$39.50

(Taxes and service charges included)
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