sunday january 8

show: 8:00 pm | doors open: 7:00 pm


Presented by: Groupe Entourage
cabaret, assigned seats


Show recorded for television


**Show presented in French **
For the last time at L’Olympia as part of his tour !!

The fascinator Messmer is one of the great references in hypnosis and magnetism around the world. World record holder for group hypnosis and with more than one million tickets sold, Messmer is back in Quebec to present his brand new show, Hypersensoriel. Expert in the art of fascination, Messmer once again pushes the limits of the subconscious, making use of our five senses. What are their secrets, their unsuspected powers? Can we cut them, alter them? What if we had a sixth sense that’s slumbering inside us? After several years of studying the human brain to amplify its properties, Messmer invites you to stimulate and awaken your senses through the most amazing and entertaining experiences and adventures. Hypersensoriel offers a great interactive and euphoric rendez-vous, making use of technology and virtual reality, while Messmer demonstrates once again the incredible power of the subconscious.

« Each of our senses has extraordinary powers that we don’t know about and that allow us to grasp our environment much more accurately than we think. »


Regular | from 53.00$CA

(Taxes and service charges included)
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