Saturdaym April 22

show: 8:00 pm | doors open: 7:00 pm


Presented by: Me2s Events / Prod.
theatre, assigned seats

Event prohibited for children under 6 years old.
Hearing protection is strongly recommended for children under 12 years old.


If he draws his source from his native Kabylia, Ali Amran distils a skilful mix of genres which makes the originality of his music. On vocals and acoustic guitar, he approaches a stripped-down style, without embellishment. His text songs, like his melodic sense, convey the soul of a culture too often muzzled; his compositions, for their part, borrow their rhythm from the folk rock universe, with accents sometimes blues sometimes pop. The result is a very special harmony, like her voice, with its soft and deep timbre.

Ali Amran has now conquered a large audience, as well as the recognition of his peers, like Idir, Abranis, or even Takfarinas, who inscribe his artistic approach, like a new breath, in the history of the Kabyle song.


Regular | from 57.80$CA

(Taxes and service charges included)
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